Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Blooms and Bunnies

Easter is one of my favorite spring days, as all of nature seems to participate in the celebration. Daffodils trumpet, birds announce their return triumphantly, trees explode with blossoms that shower down like confetti in the April winds. 

For some people, it's just another day, good for a hike in the sunshine. For others, important religious rituals reach their crescendo. And for others still, it's all about the hats. 

Then, there's the chocolate. 

At TriFecTa, we've brought in treats from our favorite local chocolate makers. We have milk and dark chocolate bunnies from Chocolat, as well as boxes of chocolate bunny truffles in lemon, toffee and mint. They are so cute and beyond yummy.

Boxes of 3 Bunny Truffles: $18.00
Large Chocolate Bunnies: $12.00
Jumbo Bunnies: $40.00

At Christmastime, we introduced you to Yolka chocolates, the holiday gift sensation that was featured in Oprah magazine. For Easter, creator Marian Rivkind has designed the prettiest chocolate Easter ($15) eggs wrapped in turquoise foil paper. Perfect for a special Easter basket or hostess gift.

We have bundles of beautiful spring blossoms, custom centerpieces and planters available as well. 
Be sure to place your orders 24 hours in advance to secure your Easter centerpieces and gifts! 801-364-4606 or orders@

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Jolien + Clark: Winter Dutch Masterpiece

Here is a brief look at of one of my favorite weddings of 2011. The setting was a little chapel in Park City with a reception following at Stein Eriksen Lodge. The feeling was winter chic with a focus on Dutch flowers, as the bride is Dutch and knew what she wanted: anenomes, amaryllis, lilac, tulips, all white with textures of green. The guest list was less than 20 people, including children, an intimate affair in the mountains that focused on family, food and celebration! Melissa Hagen of Soiree was the coordinator and together we thought up the floral "carpet" that covered the single, huge dining table. 
Here's a link to a sneak peek from photographer Tracey Turpen.  
I hope to share more pics of the flowers soon!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Hot Off the Presses!

I love magazines. I love a well-designed, eye-catching cover. I love taking a moment to myself to dissect an issue, first doing a quick flip-through, deciding what deserves a second look, then diving in to consume it all. It doesn't matter if it's a fashion magazine or The New Yorker or Fly Rod & Reel. I have a system and it's like meditation. Give me a stack of magazines and I'll check out for hours.

Bridal magazines make me especially giddy, simply because they cover a happy topic and because they are full of flowers, of course! The images in bridal magazines are so beautiful and appealing, they are practically edible, bursting with sumptuous fabrics, mouthwatering cakes and dazzling flowers. 

I especially love it when I open a bridal magazine and find coverage our work. It's so flattering! I thought I'd share some recent attention we've received. Thanks to the editorial staffs of Salt Lake/Park City Bride & Groom and Utah Bride & Groom. We are elated to adorn your pages!


The sweet and seasonal boutonniere above, featuring ranunculi and acorns, was designed for the wedding of our own Lindsay!
Can you guess who this is? It's Lindsay! She's holding the bouquet she designed, a bombshell of orange dahlias, garden roses and bittersweet.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Getting Festive with Ghosts and Gourds

I had to share all of the seasonal and spooky new things that just arrived at the shop. We've been working on displays of Kentucky Field pumpkins and green heirloom gourds--all made of resin so you can put them out on your porch or dining table year after year! We've also got great door mats, ghost string lights and absolutely gorgeous seasonal wreaths. Also new are rustic lanterns to add a glow to your autumn patio. If you're ready to welcome fall with the cooling of the weather, stop by and find the perfect touch to put yourself in the mood.

Monday, September 12, 2011


When asked what the best season is for flowers, I wouldn't normally offer up Autumn, as I always forget how cool and different the selection becomes. Yes, spring has tulips and all the other luscious bulbs, as well as peonies and blooming fruit branches. Summer has, well, everything. The best roses, dahlias, zinnias, lilies--it all comes on like gangbusters from June through August. 

But in September, we get the harvest. Pods, berries, seeds, rosehip, cattails, mahogany sunflowers, vine maple, pin oak, persimmon and pomegranate on the branch--all the rich, woodsy textures and hues of impending Fall.

At this morning's market I found pepper plants and pumpkin tree! We will use these as whimsical seasonal accents in our rustic barnwood bloom boxes, and in centerpieces for Halloween and Fall tables.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Beyond Bridal

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of designing flowers for the wedding of our ultimate TriFecTa-I Deux customer, and a lovely woman to boot. Sarah hired us to design her simple but fabulous, blush-pink romantic wedding at Millcreek Inn. While meeting to discuss the flowers, she learned of I Deux and not only found her perfect gown, but consigned a beautiful gown she'd had languishing in her closet. She's the perfect TriFecTa trifecta! But back to the flowers, she brought in a photo from a magazine of a luscious bouquet the size of a basketball, with nothing but ivory spray roses and blush pink garden roses. I had never designed something that required so much wiring and shaping techniques. It was a challenge but turned out beautifully. When Sarah saw it and said, "It's more beautiful than I could have imagined," I was thrilled. Congrats and thanks to Sarah for making TriFecTa--and I Deux--a part of your big day! 

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Introducing Yölka!

Six months ago, a dear friend of mine asked me if I'd mind meeting with her hair stylist, who needed some advice on a new product she was designing. I have to admit that I rolled my eyes a little because even though my friend has great taste and I knew she would never waste my time or send a crazy person my way, it's rare that a really fabulous new idea comes along. Well, it walked in with Marian Rivkind.

At this very moment, Marian is in New York at the gift show introducing the world to Yölka, the idea that has consumed her existence for the past year--her brainchild, her baby. And Lindsay and I feel like proud godmothers! Beginning with that first meeting, Lindsay and I saw Marian's sketches turn into prototypes and then the finished product. Over subsequent chats, we talked her through pricing and branding, ensuring her that, yes, Yölka IS fabulous and people will gobble them up. Literally. 

Yölka Chocolates are Russian folk-art themed ornaments, inspired by an old-world tradition of hanging foil-wrapped delicacies on Christmas trees, just like the ornaments Marian cherished in her childhood. This custom harkens back to days when families came together and decorated evergreen fir trees — called “yolkas” — with treasured candies and fruits. Yölka Chocolates are wrapped by hand and made with the highest quality Belgian chocolate. These type of ornaments date back to the 17th century when they were brought to Russia from Europe by Peter the Great, and now can be passed on to inspire new generations to create their own timeless holiday traditions. 
We are thrilled to be carrying Yolka this holiday season because we adore new ideas in gift-giving. Who wouldn't love to receive such a wonderful treat? The single Yölka ornament is contained in a tiny box of art and is simply fun to open. Perfect for hostess gifts, book club pals, friends at the office. The six-piece is so lovely, you just can't call it a box of chocolates. For family, clients, dear friends, it's a piece of art, a set of ornaments and a fantastic gift.
Shipments arrive November 1st!