Monday, April 2, 2012

Easter Blooms and Bunnies

Easter is one of my favorite spring days, as all of nature seems to participate in the celebration. Daffodils trumpet, birds announce their return triumphantly, trees explode with blossoms that shower down like confetti in the April winds. 

For some people, it's just another day, good for a hike in the sunshine. For others, important religious rituals reach their crescendo. And for others still, it's all about the hats. 

Then, there's the chocolate. 

At TriFecTa, we've brought in treats from our favorite local chocolate makers. We have milk and dark chocolate bunnies from Chocolat, as well as boxes of chocolate bunny truffles in lemon, toffee and mint. They are so cute and beyond yummy.

Boxes of 3 Bunny Truffles: $18.00
Large Chocolate Bunnies: $12.00
Jumbo Bunnies: $40.00

At Christmastime, we introduced you to Yolka chocolates, the holiday gift sensation that was featured in Oprah magazine. For Easter, creator Marian Rivkind has designed the prettiest chocolate Easter ($15) eggs wrapped in turquoise foil paper. Perfect for a special Easter basket or hostess gift.

We have bundles of beautiful spring blossoms, custom centerpieces and planters available as well. 
Be sure to place your orders 24 hours in advance to secure your Easter centerpieces and gifts! 801-364-4606 or orders@

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